Individual Images with Descriptions

All the images below were inserted using the Post URL option in the Media browser. post url image option in WordPress This is great for an image that has more detail than is suitable for a caption. When you click on an image, it takes you to a new page where the image functions like its own separate post. The text entered in the description field becomes the image’s “blog entry.”

description field for images in wordpress

click on image for a larger version of this screenshot

Readers can comment on this page, but there is no way for other readers to know it has been commented on. The comments stay with the image, so if you use this in another post and insert it with the Post URL, you will see the image comments from the first post it was inserted into. Continue reading

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Gallery of Thumbnails Linking to Larger Images

To create a gallery in a post, you must first upload the images. Even if you already have the images in your media library, you must upload them again while you are editing the post you want to have the gallery in. Weird, I know. Continue reading

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Featured Image

One of the many options available on the Add an Image menu is the Featured Image (formerly known as Post Thumbnail). This option will only be available if the theme you’re using has enabled it. And, as with the gallery, you have to upload it fresh for it to work with the post. Use the Featured Image module in the right sidebar of your Edit Post screen or the Media Uploader to insert it into your post. Continue reading

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